About ChinaAMC
Our History
ChinaAMC worked with Rayliant Global Advisors to offer a smart beta strategy — a combination of smart and efficient market hypothesis and value investing methods. The partnership yielded some of the best-performing ETFs, such as ChiNext Momentum Growth ETF.
ChinaAMC teamed up with NN Investment Partners, a global leading ESG expert, to launch the first China Equity ESG UCITS fund in March 2020. This is the world’s first UCITS fund directly managed by a Chinese onshore asset manager.
ChinaAMC has partnered with Fidelity International, a global pension investment expert, for the research and promotion of pension investments in China. The partnership yielded the first target-date fund (TDF) in China in 2018. This has been followed with a full suite of TDF and TRF products catering to all age groups, with return outperforming peers.
ChinaAMC co-operates with Microsoft Research Asia to co-develop a special artificial intelligence application for China’s financial services industry. The AI Index-enhancing strategy has been applied in several of ChinaAMC’s public funds and segregated accounts.
ChinaAMC teamed up with Russell Investments, a global leading FOF/MOM specialist, to develop a fund-of-funds strategy tailored for Chinese investors. In 2020, ChinaAMC is accredited one of the first in China to launch a manager of managers product.
ChinaAMC worked with trading risk management firm PanAgora to develop a risk parity strategy, and in 2017 launched the first risk parity strategy fund in China.
ChinaAMC officially signed up for the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment in 2018, becoming the first full service asset manager in China to join the organization.