Corporate Sustainability
Big Alpha in Sustainable Investment
In contrary to popular belief that applying ESG principles would compromise return, Ms. Li Yimei argues that in the current China market ESG-integration investment can help identify opportunities in renewable energy and clean technology sector.
Unlocking the potential of investor stewardship in China

PRI invited nine signatories, including ChinaAMC, to provide case studies of their stewardship activities, hoping to identify the perceived value of effective stewardship as well as challenges to exercising stewardship in China. In the published report, we explained why we do stewardship in China, how we do it, the case study and the challenges ahead.

Check here for the full report.

Why ESG Investing Matters?
If you would like to be our company, together our voices could reverberate. As you are not just an investor, but also one of customers, employees, the loved ones of employees, and community citizens in which a company belongs. Support ESG investment. Make the world a better place!
ESG sits at the center of our
investment philosophy
ESG represents the biggest fundamental change in the investment universe since this century.
Overview of China AMC’s
ESG integration
ChinaAMC established an ESG Committee in May 2020, which takes the lead of all ESG issues in the company.
ChinaAMC’s ESG integration
ChinaAMC’s ESG team is integrated throughout the whole investment management, risk management, and corporate action processes.
We actively engage with market
participants on ESG issues
In addition to engaging with our invested companies, the team also communicate and engage with various market participants in China.